Integration tests : First flights for TindAIR

Mid-December, a part of TindAIR consortium members gathered in Toulouse to organise the first integration tests. 3 days dedicated to testing the innovative features of the project in real conditions, before the official demonstrations that will be taking place next summer.

What did we test?

The main objective of these tests was to make sure that the communication between platforms and the ground station was effective in real situation. An action that involved many partners of the project:

  • Pildo Labs, which is providing the “Pildo Box”, the technical payload that will be integrated on the vehicles during the demonstrations.
  • Collins Aerospace which is providing the communication link through its CNPC 5000.
  • Skybirdsview as demonstrations work package leader, and provider of a platform.
  • ONERA as provider of a platform, and host for the test field.
  • Innov’ATM as provider of the tactical deconfliction software and coordinator of the project.
  • Aerospace Valley to report to you, dear readers, about this exciting moment !

First days were dedicated to indoor tests and integration of the Pildo box on the platforms. When the third day began, we were ready to go on the field to test outdoor the communication link. During one day we performed series of tests, always going further to ensure that even if the most unexpected conditions, the link between the drone payload and the ground station will be maintained and able to transfer relevant data to the deconfliction software and vice-versa. And it was a success!

What are the next steps?

Others integrations tests will be performed by the next few weeks in Skybirdsview, Skyports and Tecnalia laboratories. In April, a final integration test week will be performed before the large-scale demonstrations that will take place next summer.

Stay tuned, 2022 will be an amazing year!

Post: Integration tests : First flights for TindAIR

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