Here we go ! Second phase of demonstrations done

After a first set of demonstrations in July, we met again in September in the sun of Southern France to achieve even more. We tested a few more scenarios and had the pleasure to fly next to a helicopter and our partner’s amazing e-VTOL.

Several sets of exercises and scenarios were realized again. This time they mostly implied two new vehicles: one helicopter and the e-VTOL air taxi.

The TindAIR solution

Thanks to the Pildo Box, the Collins Aerospace datalink and the Innov’ATM software, the TindAIR  consortium developed a very efficient tool for U-Space tactical deconfliction. This tool was tested in demonstrations designed by other partners of the consortium : Cira, Issnova, Skybirdsview and Airbus Protect. Onera, Tecnalia and Skyports provided the UAVs for the demonstrations. Aerospace Valley shared on social networks.

The last two scenarios 

Scenario 2 : what happens when a drone meets an unmanned air-taxi ? In other words, a drone carrying a passenger …

In September in two different areas near Toulouse, Occitanie, but also in Saint Julien Bechevelle, near Bordeaux, Nouvelle Aquitaine, we performed 3 flights dealing with crossing trajectories.

Problem : crossing trajectories

TindAIR solution : holding, reducing speed, rerouting.

  • In a mixed traffic demonstration with one merchandise delivery autonomous drone and a one-person transportation eVTOL, the conflict between the two UAVs was solved by the « holding » solution of the delivery drone (holding is hovering at a given point for a given time).
  • Another conflict between two drones was solved through a change of speed of the delivery drone: it had to slow down to let the other drone pass by.
  • Finally, one last conflict was solved with the rerouting of the delivery drone again.


Scenario 3 : What happens when a drone meets a helicopter ? And then what happens when another drone comes by ?

Mid-September, in the heat of Saint-Julien-Beychevelle, near Bordeaux, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, we performed two flights.

Problem : crossing trajectories of one or two drones and a helicopter

TindAIR solution : length of holding adapted to the situation

  • A drone meeting a helicopter: the drone had to implement the holding solution for 60 seconds.
  • The last exercise was the same situation, but we added another drone in the vicinity, crossing the first drone’s trajectory ! The solution? A longer holding: this time, the drone had to hover for 160 seconds to let the other two UAVs go by.

It’s important to consider the effects of deconfliction on the rest of the surrounding traffic.

What are the next steps?

The Open Day took place at the end of September near Toulouse: more photos to come.

AND… the results of the demonstrations will be published soon.

Stay tuned !

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Post: Here we go ! Second phase of demonstrations done

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